Rose water is also made frm the extract of rose petals. It is also used in beauty products.

Since ancient days, the rose has been known as the ultimate symbol of love. 

Happy Holidays !

with fun decorations

Remember making snowflake cutouts?

All you need for this winter project is paper and scissors and you can make your own personalized snowflake.

Snowflake cutouts in my window.

Colorful flower arrangement.

Making your own table setting is easy with fresh flowers.

Blues for you.... #lampwork

Glass beads are made by melting a rod of glass in a torch fire flame. Shapes and designs are added for a unique handcrafted, one of a kind piece of art.

Consider a natural way to feed birds in your backyard.

Some birds like fruit in their diet. A good way to attract birds that do is to plant shrubs or trees in your area.
These two beautiful birds were in my backyard.