Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I've joined the Bead Soup Blog Party ...BSBP

     I was admiring the work of some jewelry artists and stumbled upon the idea of a Bead Soup Blog Party. The BSBP is where Lori : Lori Anderson Designs      http://www.prettythingsblog.com/  sorts hundreds of people into partners. We then check out our partners jewelry work and put together a 'bead soup' to challenge them. The soup has to contain a focal, a clasp and some coordinating beads. After everyone has mailed off and then received their own bead soups, you have to make some jewelry out of it, take pictures, than on a specific day, we all post blogs showing our creations off and every one runs around visiting all the blogs.

I'm happy to join in on the fun. To begin, Lori has asked us to blog about this topic to get things started:

  How/why you became a jewelry designer, and what you like best about it. 


     I enjoy being creative with anything I do. In my garden I look around and visualize how I want to design an area. Then I dig things up and move them around. It's amazing to see how I can transform a empty spot into a pleasing view of blooming plants and flowers. If they don't do well after awhile in one spot, I dig them up and move them to another area. I carry this way of thinking in my fashion style too. Any person can throw on plain shirt and a pair of jeans. But if you enjoy being creative you can add a belt, necklace, scarf and bring out your personal style. To me, it starts out from a simple thought. Then it flows into expressing that thought with the materials you have. Whether it's a plant or a piece of jewelry it is all the same with me. You just keep going with being creative until you're satisfied. Designing jewelry is an amazing process and adding the beads I have made myself gives my pieces an extra special feeling to me. That's the part I like the best. I don't have a plan when I design jewelry. No restrictions, no rules. I just go with the flow and to me, nothing compares to that. 


That's what I like the best about designing my own jewelry.

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