Monday, August 20, 2012

New Animated Visual Effects on my website. Fireworks and Flames ~ Brooklyn Bead Goddess

Good morning. Happy Monday~ Over the weekend I worked on my website.  I must admit, I put hours and hours editing, adding pictures, adding pages, changing colors. I'm always researching and learning what your website should look like and try to improve mine constantly. My website is through is very user friendly and I've found their customer service is excellent. I played around with some of the many animated visual effects they offer. It was fun to add some booming fireworks to my opening home page. I've learned it's important to have detailed information along with photos describing your work on your first page. offers beautiful choices to add. Check out my 'hot fire flames' I used as a back drop on my "about" pages.

If you'd like to share your website ideas and experiences, please feel free to leave your comments. It's always helpful to learn from other artists. 
Here is a link to my website.

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