Thursday, October 18, 2012

Who remembers Big Purple Barney the Tyrannosaurus Rex?

The theme for this highlight at the Handmade Artists Shop was PURPLE and I've chosen some beautiful items from the artists who sell there. Visit here

HHC#16 Who remembers Big Barney the Dinosaur?Created by brooklynbeadgoddess

Grape Silver Mist Refashioned Sweater JacketLavender LapghanCatie Cole Designs Little Bird PurseLavender Crochet Satin Fabric Lined Clutch with Key Fobrelaxing lavender sugar body scrubLarge Purple Ceramic Mugs  Set of 2
Diptych abstract giclee on canvas 24x48 Ice Dragon
Large Purple Flower, hair, purse, corsage, pin, clip, barrette, comb
Fingerless Gloves in Purple
It's better handmade .


  1. What a great selection of purple items! I especially like those ceramic mugs.

  2. Thanks for your comment and I totally agree!