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Retro Black & White Glass Lampwork. Handcrafted one at a time...

Basic Black and White...Always in Style...
All handmade beads made by melting glass in a torch fire...Hand decorated with my unique designs...

Lampwork Beads just out of the kiln

These lampwork beads just came out of the kiln.  The beads are still on their steel mandrels and you can see the clay-like bead release on each rod. This prevents the beads from sticking to the mandrel. 

It takes a LONG TIME from start to finishing a piece of art..

My pieces take a long time from start to finish. The first step is to actually sit down at the torch and MAKE the BEADS...Then they kiln anneal which is an important procedure and takes hours. After they cool, I take them out of the kiln and prepare to remove the beads off the mandrel. Sometimes they come off easily, sometimes I must use a pair of pliers to hold the mandrel while twisting the bead off. Working with water, I remove the clay-like material out of each bead hole. A tedious job.
After inspecting the beads, I usually stare at them for a day or two (or weeks.) During that time, I get a feeling of how I'd like to combine these 'new' beads with other beads I've made. I move them into my studio and usually it takes me a few more days to come up with an idea.
When the inspiration appears, I sit down to start the designing process.
Sometimes it goes smooth. Other times it doesn't. I'm particular. If it doesn't look quite right, I take it apart and re…

Featuring this week Jan 27 - Feb 3 The Alchemists Vessel

Handmade Artists Forum Feature Of The Week.Each week one shop/blogger is featured.This week let's take a look at The Alchemists Vessel.
Chainmaille, Sterling Silver and Semi-precious Gemstone Jewelry. Specializing in unique handcrafted collectible artisan creations. All products are handcrafted with meticulous and loving care by Alixandra, the designer and owner. 

You can find more here:

I'm featured in this Etsy Treasury Eclectic Blues with a little Mauve too


Featuring this week Jan 20 - Jan 27 Reef Botanicals & Fabric of My Mind

Handmade Artists Forum Feature Of The WeekThis week let's take a look at Reef Botanicals

Larissa and Eric are a husband and wife team who run Reef Botanicals
They are the makers of high quality, all natural handcrafted soaps and other indulgences. 

  They have a second shop called Fabric Of My Mind. Fabric of My Mind has hand-knitted and hand-sewn items, photography, other handmade things. 

Check them out here:

The 7th Bead Soup Blog Party®

7th Bead Soup Blog Party
This is an exciting, once a year event.Detailed information is below, but the basic facts:::  I pair you with another jewelry designer.  ::::  You send each other a quality package of beads.  ::::  You make one or more pieces of jewelry with those beads, incorporating beads from your own stash as needed.  The focal and clasp you were sent MUST be used.::::  You post your creation on your reveal day, and you try to visit as many of the other designers' blogs. :: This blog hops has gotten quite large in the past -- 400 people last time :: First, you must have a blog! :::: Second, no, you do NOT have to make your own beads! :::: Third, YES it is open to International beaders!  :: When the sign ups close, I will email everyone with their partner  and list all the Party Blogs here and at
Once you get a partner, email them to learn a little about them. Then you'll then send that person a Party Pack:
::  A focal  (pendant, large bead…

Featuring this week Jan 13 - Jan 20 John Rasmussen

Handmade Artists Forum Feature Of The WeekThis week let's take a look at John Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry LLC Rasmussen Gems & Jewelry. John and his wife create beautiful pieces of art.My favorite is this Copper Patinated Ring. 
Crafted from a pure copper sheet, which was pierced to make the ring band.  The band was soldered with hard silver solder, filed and sanded. 

 Then the ring was formed on a steel mandrel and textured with a ball peen hammer.  Finally, the ring was patinated with Liver of Sulphur to produce the black color.  The final finishing was done with sandpaper to brighted the high spots, then sealed with glossy acrylic resin.  

This ring was done as size 8 andcan be custom made in other sizes.

View more work here:

Positive Med has something for everyone

The most Amazing Collection of Fruit Arts.

Fruits are nature’s fascinating medicines loaded with all sorts of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and many phyto-nutrients; And a good source for creative minds to create fruit arts!
See more here

Lori Anderson Memories and Thanks. Brooklyn Bead Goddess

Memories and Thanks Blog Hop January 12, 2013           At the end of last year, Lori Anderson announced the next blog hop will be about someone special in our lives. The theme is about the people in our lives who mean a lot to us - a mom, a friend, a brother - anyone who has meaning to us. We were asked to create a piece of jewelry that tells a story about that special person.
          It was an easy decision for me. My mom was a colorful person who loved flowers, gardening, jewelry, 'hip' clothes, makeup. She loved spending the day shopping. "It's my therapy" she would say and it was a special time to be with her.
I've dedicated this jewelry piece to my mom and named it "Matilda." She's no longer with us but is always in my heart.

 Mom collected elephant statues (which were a pain in the neck to dust on cleaning day.) Each one had it's own story. One had his trunk raised up, another had it down. One was made of glass, another of carved w…

Featuring this week Jan 7 - Jan 13 is Kris from Lisianblue

Handmade Artists ForumFeature of the weekThis week let's take a look at Lisianblue.Kris came up with the unique name"Lisianblue" from one of her favorite flowers named listhianthus, especially the blue. So, she combined the two words to come up with the one - lisianblue. Cute isn't it?

One of her shops include hand painted ornaments and stained glass items.
Find her shop here ~Lisianblue

Each  stained glass wind chime and  hand painted ornaments are carefully designed and  hand crafted with the idea that they will be one of a kind creations,  and will not be reproduced.   Another shop has her handmade items made by knitting, sewing and crocheting. Find her shop here:

VisitKris on Twitter
and Blog with her here

An artist needs an opened mind...

            While I was buzzing through posts on Facebook in the Bead Soup Cafe, I noticed people talking about an eCourse beings offered.
Aspire to Wire by KERRY BOGERT.
It's a month of wire jewelry designs starting Monday January 7th 2013 and running through February 5th.  Each day is a new wire tutorial. 30 days, 30 projects.  
             To me, it's always a good idea to learn from other artists. Their knowledge and passion opens up the creativity in ourselves. 
So, I'm signed up and excited to  "meet" new friends on the internet. Maybe it's what will inspire you too. Here's her blog site

Sparkling earrings handmade lampwork glass

Handmade creamy off white glass lampwork bead. Faceted Czech beads catch the rainbow of light. Sterling silver and swarovski crystals complete these beautiful earrings. 

These earrings have my handmade lampwork glass beads in dark brown topaz. I've added drops of white glass heated until they lay flat. Then topped each with a dollop of crystal clear glass. Swarovski crystals and Sterling Silver daisy beads with Sterling Silver french ear wires. 

And a big Thanks to The Universe today..

I subscribe to TUT ( Totally Unique Thoughts ) and love their Notes From The Universe. 
The Notes are brief passages written by "The Universe," personalized with your name and goals, designed to remind you of life’s magic and your power. 
Their daily messages are always inspirational to me. 
Thought I'd share this one with you.

Sometimes one can learn much more about life, love, and happiness, when they're single than when they're in a relationship, when they're looking for work than when they're working, when they're confused than when they're clear, and so on...

And if they allow themselves to learn what there is to learn, rather than resist, their life will be transformed, and that which was, will be no longer.

So happy for you,
    The Universe

Here's the site if you're interested in receiving some inspiration

Each bead has been made with its own beautiful design

Handcrafted glass lampwork beads made one at a time by melting glass in a hot torch flame. Handmade solid light brown topaz beads in between with Sterling Silver ball beads as accents. Just before the iridescent potato pearls are two solid army green beads I made too. Sterling silver fancy toggle clasp, crimp tubes, wire guards and crimp covers. 

See it here: Brooklyn Bead Goddess