Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It takes a LONG TIME from start to finishing a piece of art..

 My pieces take a long time from start to finish. The first step is to actually sit down at the torch and MAKE the BEADS...Then they kiln anneal which is an important procedure and takes hours. After they cool, I take them out of the kiln and prepare to remove the beads off the mandrel. Sometimes they come off easily, sometimes I must use a pair of pliers to hold the mandrel while twisting the bead off. Working with water, I remove the clay-like material out of each bead hole. A tedious job.
After inspecting the beads, I usually stare at them for a day or two (or weeks.) During that time, I get a feeling of how I'd like to combine these 'new' beads with other beads I've made. I move them into my studio and usually it takes me a few more days to come up with an idea.
When the inspiration appears, I sit down to start the designing process.
Sometimes it goes smooth. Other times it doesn't. I'm particular. If it doesn't look quite right, I take it apart and re-do the whole design.
The end process is measuring and remeasuring. Then add crimp tubes, wire guards and the toggle clasp. Here too, I am particular. The wire must go through the crimps just right or I take it apart and start over.

It's a big accomplishment for me to complete a piece. But my work is not done. Photographing is next ~

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