Monday, March 25, 2013

Creative artists unite here~

Have you heard about "Handmade Artists Shop?"

Handmade Artist Shop is a mixed group of artists. I've met sculptors, painters, woodworkers, crocheters, jewelry artists - just to name a few. Handmade Artists' like these and others have joined together on the Handmade Artists’ Forum and become a small community of people banded together in an effort to support each other and handmade. People there are willing to help,share and respect one another. 
One of the features I like to participate in The Forum is the Blog Ring. Each week a new artist picked and we blog about that featured artist. It gives wonderful exposure to the artist and it's pretty cool to see how others present your art in their blog feature. It's a great boost to your self esteem and wonderful exposure of your craft, website, shops etc. 
Friends are made easily because we all have a common bond. Art comes in many forms. Expressing our creativity and sharing it with others is the key to what holds us together. Take a visit and check it out. 
Here is the link . Handmade Artists Shop 

If you'd like to see my art of making my own beads by melting glass in a torch fire, here is the link to my shop Enjoy~