Friday, April 19, 2013

Who is into Enameling? Thanks to Jean Van Brederode...I am!

I must admit, I've been wanting to get into enameling for some time now and since my Bead Soup Blog partner, Ali McCarthy (
sent me some of her enamel beads, I knew it was time. Ali was kind enough to explain the process to me. With some internet research and youtube videos, I was ready. 

I found a Thompson Enamel distributer in my area. Her name is Jean Van Brederode and you can find her etsy store here: Enamel Warehouse.

By chance, Jean was offering an enameling class this week and there was an opening for me. I wasn't sure what to expect but I knew it was an opportunity not to miss. Jean is a fabulous teacher and terrific person. Her workshop is full of knowledge ( and tools. )
First I learned how to use a hydraulic press with an acrylic die to press a sheet of copper to make my bird shape. Then I used the drill press to make holes around the bird shape. I then learned how to use her sanding machine to smooth rough edges. Jean has some cool tools !

After learning and experimenting with the liver of sulfur process, it was finally time to enamel. Jean has a huge selection of enamel powders to choose from as you can see from the above picture.

Carefully sprinkling light layers of enamel powder on my piece, I put it in the kiln. 
The colors are amazing once cooled. 

Then back to our work area, we picked our photos we would like to use and a clear cabochon bead along with drilling more holes and lining them up to screw/bolt together. 

Some finishing touches, bird feet and wire wrapping to the necklace pulled the whole piece together. 
 I met some great students in this class and look forward taking another class soon. 

Jean offers instruction in enameling to small groups in her PA studio. In addition, She also teaches classes at Art and Soul retreats in VA Beach, Las Vegas, & Portland, ( 

Visit- CHARMED I'M SURE  See what these fabulous enamels can make!


  1. I'm so envious! I wish I could take a lesson too :(
    Love the birdie!

  2. Wowsers, look at all those enamels! How fun!

    Love your little birdie!