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Do you have a website? Post yours here and I'll visit. I use WIX.COM.

New and improved. Now in HTML so you can view it on your phone or ipad. I've designed my website using
It's fun and user friendly too.

Stages of a flower ready to bloom. I took these photos over a five day period.

Here is a collage of an Echinacia Flower growing. 
It took five days to bloom. 

Did you see the sky this evening?

Clouds are amazing. Constantly moving. Changing. Floating. 

It's Monday. Don't forget to wear some cool earrings today and here they are !

Colorful, bright, cheerful colors are perfect for anyone.
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First Day Of Summer And Here They ARE...Stick Pins, Hat Pins, Hijab Pins.

Stick Pins, Hat Pins, Hijab Pins. 

Fun way to add some spice to your look. 
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Macro setting. Manual mode. And a Steady hand.

I love taking flower pics.

What torch do you use to make your lampwork beads?

I'm using the same torch I've had for years. Nortel Minor. And you?

How does Nature inspire you?

Early morning I like to get some great shots of my garden. Then go make some beads later in the day.

As I sit at the torch to make my beads...

I think of my garden flowers. Bright, colorful and they make me smile....

Anyone else have a Boxer Dog?

here is my Boxer Dog

Raining today but took some beautiful pics over the weekend


Word for the day..


Let's Drink Wine..

Wine stoppers with my handmade lampwork glass beads. Stoppers have a bright shiny smooth finish with rubber seal rings. Each one decorated with one of a kind designs. You can find them in my Etsy shop. or my Handmade Artists Shop