Thursday, July 25, 2013

Step by step pics of me making a glass bead

I took these pics yesterday, while I made some Glass Beads !
This shows a rod of blue glass and a thin white rod of glass called a "stringer."
Here I am slowly heating the rod of blue glass in the torch flame.

I heat it until a blob forms

Very hot blob of glass. Next pic shows how it looks 'wound' on a steel rod.
Steel rod, dipped in a clay like liquid called 'bead release which helps the finished bead to come off easily. The bead release looks white when it's dried. See it here on the steel rod in this picture?
The blob of hot glass is 'wound' onto the steel rod while rotating it around. This makes the hot glass round and makes a round bead.

The rod and hot glass is taken out of the flame a bit so it's not 'red hot'. See it's blue now that it has cooled a bit. 

 I've added a thin white design with the Stringer Rod of glass. It goes into the kiln now. 

                                                           Glass Beads finished!
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