Monday, December 9, 2013

The Harrisburg CSA (Community Supported Art) is now seeking Shareholders for our 2013 season!

Harrisburg Art CSA

Harrisburg Art CSA in partnership with the MakeSpace in Midtown Hbg

Focus on Local: Meet CSA Artist: April Grinaway

Harrisburg Art CSA: Focus on Local: Meet CSA Artist April Grinaway:   

APRIL GRINAWAY : Making my own beads is an art I've been enjoying for years...(read more)
APRIL GRINAWAY: Flamework Glass Bead Jewelry

Shares ($150) will buy two works of unique art from makers in your community. This is a one-of-a-kind program in Harrisburg, and one that works very hard to provide a fair wage to the artists and a decent price to shareholders.

Purchasing a Share

The Harrisburg (Art) CSA is local to the central P.A. region. This is a home grown effort to support the arts and artists in our towns. We are seeking members to Join the CSA today to keep this effort going! 

Purchase your share via the following means:

A.  Contact the CSA directly to set up your purchase.  Then mail a check or drop off payment in person

B.  Make a payment through our partner the MakespaceHarrisburg with their donation page here; the payment will processed using their "donation" button. After you have placed your payment order we ask you please contact the CSA to recieve confirmation and to set up a delivery time and date for your share.

C. Attend a CSA community event and purchase a share directly.  Check the blog for our next event!

D. Pass along this info to your friends & community and keep the effort going!

*Once you have purchased your share, the CSA will deliver your box of art "goodies" right to your door! 

Artist's Profiles

Meet the artists of Harrisburg Art CSA 2013 season!  

Below is a list of each of the artists and links to their profiles. Please consider supporting local artists and purchasing a share for $150. A full share gets you artwork from two of the artists. 
This is a great opportunity for gift giving or simply to do your part and support your local community.  

Buy Local Art!!!

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