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Look UP

Beauty is everywhere. Look around. Open your eyes.

Designer Shoe Warehouse is the place for me!

I just bought these boots! DSW is having a great sale. It's fun to go there and see what's new in the shoe fashion world. 

White Mountain Boots (click here for the link)

Creativity and Imagination

How do you keep your creativity fresh and new?Keep an opened mind!

8th Bead Soup Blog Party

Come join the fun. It's easy. Just sign up and you will get paired up with another jewelry designer (by Feb 28th). We send our partner our best focal bead and clasp and make a piece of jewelry with the beads we receive. Adding other components and our own beads makes the project exciting. Often it's a challenge to go out of our usual designing. That's what makes it fun. Reveal date will be May 3rd. A list of participants and their blogs will be posted. Visiting their blogs and seeing their amazing work is inspiring. I enjoy meeting other artists this way. 

Today is Sign Up day. Thank you Lori Anderson! Here's the link for you. 8th Bead Soup Blog Party

Remember making an igloo when you were young?

Ahh to be a kid again.  I heard giggling outside and saw these two working hard to build an igloo. I brought them some hot chocolate to warm them up.

Cold Rain and Snow


Snowing here. Snowing there?

What's your weather like where you live?