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Pink and Blue

Sky was yellow and the sun was blue...

Beautiful colors. I love the Spring~

Took my camera along when I went for my morning walk.

Remember to look up and be grateful..

Evening sky...Isn't nature amazing?

Colorful garden

Dig a hole, plant bulbs and watch what happens!

Happy Earth Day !

Bright and cheerful

Color Your World...and your door.

Happy Friday !

DIY: How to make a Summer Flip Flop Wreath

I like to have a cheerful wreath on my front door. Making this flip flop wreath was super easy. 
Step one:  I went to the Dollar Store and bought eight pair of flip flops, stainless steel wire and some clip on flowers.
You will also need some type of wreath form. I used a wire one.
It worked well attaching the flip flops to it with the stainless steel wire.

Step two:  Figure out your design and how you want to attach everything.
The wire poked right through the flip flop easily. Up and down and twisted the wire around the wreath frame.
The flowers were clip on and were so easy to attach.

Try it and most important, make it your own style.

Melted glass formed into beads decorated with raised dot designs.

These are my handmade glass lampwork bead earrings.
Check out my website I made myself using Wix :