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Support your handmade jewelry artists.

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Flowers in my garden.

I spend A LOT of time tending to my garden.

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Container Gardening.

It's so easy to plant seeds in a flower pot. Water them once in a while and look what you can get !

Finding out what brings you joy is half the battle.

I love seeing bright colors in dark places. Take time to plant something. Anything.
Water it, watch it grow and enjoy yourself.

Purple Clematis.

Up close macro photography of my Clematis in bloom.

Lavender anyone?

Growing lavender in containers is easy.
They like it Hot and Dry

Wisteria in bloom #Flowers #Gardening

Wisteria is a fast growing vine with gorgeous flowers. I started some plants to give away from cuttings.

2015 Shipping Rate Changes and Updates for US Postal Service and Canada Post

Did you know?
From US Postal ServiceCanada PostIn January 2015 Canada Post changed shipping rates and some service offerings while the USPS made their changes in late May, 2015.

Details and rate comparison charts for services available through Etsy Shipping Labels for USPS and Canada Post are shown below. Because Etsy receives discounts for sellers on most mail classes, the rates you see may be lower than those you experience at retail post office counters. You can see more information on the rate changes as well as some helpful tips and tools in the following Seller Handbook articles: US Postal Service and Canada Post. US Postal ServiceThe 2015 rate changes to USPS mail classes will be effective as of May 31, 2015.

These changes will be reflected on all listings using calculated shipping, in our Price Your Postage tool, and in any shipping labels purchased through Etsy Shipping Labels as of that date. Sellers who purchase USPS Shipping Labels on Etsy…