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Be still in your garden.

Shhh...quiet...Listen to your flowers. They are full of knowledge.

Going to Florida!

SOLD These handmade lampwork beads were made one at a time by melting glass in a torch fire flame. All have been kiln annealed and cleaned.  Ready for you to design. Stop by the group on Facebook "Lampwork Beads For Sale" Just ask to join the group here: Lampwork Beads For Sale on Facebook

Selling on Facebook.

I'm having fun selling my handmade lampwork beads on Facebook . There are some groups to join for auctions.
Here is a sample of what has sold last week.

Butterflies !

Plant flowers in your garden that attract butterflies.

What's in your veggie garden?

I still have some cherry tomatoes in my container garden.

Experimenting with glass.

Taking a challenge outside the box is an important step to growing...

I love my lampwork beads!

Making glass beads is an art I've been enjoying for many years.

What's in your breakfast drink?

I love having fresh strawberries in my morning shake. Add some low-fat Greek Yogurt, Chia seeds,
Ground Flax seeds and low-fat milk.
I sip on it while looking at my garden flowers. Life is good.

Wonderful world of photography.

Capture a moment with your eye and a camera.

Italian Moretti glass.

Handmade beads made in a torch fire flame.