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Look at the goodies my partner sent to me!

I received my package from CJ Turner Bauschka ) who is my Bead Soup Blog Partner this year. Take a look at what she sent to me! It's a box full of goodies. She's a fantastic jewelry designer and admits...she's a hoarder of gorgeous beads.

Her work is beautiful. Here are some examples of her seed bead work. 

Absolutely amazing !!

2017 Bead Soup Blog Party with the theme " Bead Hoarders Edition"

Thank you Lori Anderson  This is the 2017 event we've been waiting for.  Here is a sneaky peek of the bead soup I'm sending to my partner  cj bauschka
I know it's distorted but we aren't supposed to reveal the real thing just yet.

One of a kind bracelet features beautiful pink, black and white lampwork beads.

Remembering BridgetHandmade lampwork beads made with black, pink and white glass.  #handcrafted #artisan #SRA #bracelet  #custom artisan jewelry

Blues, Greens, Browns. Colors of my beads.

#lampwork #glass #beads

Handmade Glass Artisan Beads Lamp Worked Glass Beads

Made with love, patience.... and more patience.

What does SRAJD mean?

The SRAJD is an international organization of jewelry designers who create  and sell their own jewelry. When you purchase from an SRAJD member, you are buying directly from and supporting the artist. It is the mission of the SRAJD organization to raise awareness of the  benefits of buying directly from the artist. We also work as a community to  help, nurture, instruct, and encourage one another. Passionate for Handmade Artisan Jewelry
#Lampwork #Flamework ##Bead #Tacks #SRAJD #Handmade #Tack #Push Pins #Cork #Bulletin Board #Desk #Accessories,

Torch fired molten glass flame worked glass

Making glass beads is a technique called lamp working.


Disneyland Flowers

 Bright colorful flowers were everywhere in Florida!

Disney Fun!

We had a wonderful trip to Florida!