Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bead Soup Blog Hop, Bead Hoarders Edition..Revealed !!

My partner this year is CJ Bausch Artist, Designer. She is an amazing artist who makes incredible jewelry. You will see what she made with my beads on her blog here....
She sent me a boxful of goodies to work with.
This first piece is a multi strand necklace full of beads sent to me by my partner. 
I've grown a deep appreciation of artists who work with seeds beads.
They are hard to work with !

I made these earrings to match.

Then I put this necklace together. Working with these sparkling crystals was a delight.

And finally I made this for all the butterfly people out there to enjoy.

Thank you Lori Anderson for putting this event together and for everyone who participated.

Here is the link to go to for the listing of blogs to visit.


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